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We've formed in March 2002. Junsura and AJ played other band the name "Right To Blame. But the band broke up in early of 2002. They started SET OFF with Junsura on Vocal, AJ on Guitar,xTetsux on Bass,and Hiroumi on Drum coz they had not been satisfied with Right To Blame. In the winter of 2004,Endo have joined to SET OFF as a guitar coz we wanted to apply thickness to our sounds. And we contiue up to now. SET OFF is mostly influenced by bands like Carry on, In My Eyes, and 97a. We recorded first demo in the summer of 2002 and second demo in early of 2003. And We join to some compilations, "Japan Youth Crew HC" on One Voice Records(Singapore), "A Reason For Living 2003" on Dan-Doh-records(Japan), and "Thorns Of Northside 48" on Straight Up Records(Japan)and "VA/JAPAN THRASH REVOLUTION" on 625 THRASH RECORDS (U.S.A) June/2005, "VA / BURNING@MY SOUL" on STRAIGHT UP RECORDS(Japan) July2005, "NOTICE / SETOFF SPLIT CD / EVERYTHING START THIS MOMENT" on IMPULSE RECORDS(Japan) Sep/2006, "VA / HARDCORE BALL 7" CD&DVD on STRAIGHT UP RECORDS(Japan) Nov/2006,
And We've joined Macchan on Bass and Hioki on Drum from March 2008 and resume activity. Now We're making new songs.


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hardcore ball 7 Everything start this moment


Thorns Of Northside 48 A Reason For Living 2003


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